Tax Tips for U.S. Americans Abroad

What Tax Forms Should a US American Abroad Prepare for in 2019?


If you are already filing your US taxes, and sending off the correct paperwork for the last years – way to go! For those who are lost or need some help, we’ll cover the kinds of tax forms you need to prepare for this year of 2019 expat taxes – especially with the new tax reform in full effect!

It’s a new year, so that means a new you, right? Maybe not! For many, it’s the time of year to create and follow through with new resolutions. So why not make getting tax compliant one of them? Just like how brushing your teeth is a habit to form, reporting your worldwide income as a US American abroad is one as well.

Tax forms needed for 2019 for US Americans abroad:

  • Form 1040 – US Individual Income Tax Return +
    • Form 1040, Schedule 1 (For Foreign Earned Income Exclusion)
    • Form 1040, Schedule 2 & Schedule 3 (For Foreign Tax Credit)
    • Form 1040, Schedule 6 (To Report your Foreign Address)
  • Schedule A – Itemized Deductions
  • Schedule B – Interest and Ordinary Dividends
  • Form 8965 – Health Coverage Exemptions
  • Form 2555-EZ – Foreign Earned Income Exclusion or
  • Form 2555 – Foreign Earned Income
  • Form 1116 – Foreign Tax Credit
  • Form 8812 – Additional Child Tax Credit
  • Form 8833 – Treaty-Based Return Position Disclosure
  • Form 4868 – Application for Automatic Extension of Time To File U.S. Individual Income Tax (If you need the extra time!)
  • (FBAR) – Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts

There are a ton of forms from the IRS on the web, which is why we highlighted the ones every US American abroad needs. Plus, while tax season – and taxes in general – can be a stressful, confusing task for many Americans abroad, MyExpatTaxes actually makes the process much, much better.

CEO Nathalie Goldstein, a fellow expat like you, created the revolutionary – and dare we say FUN – expat tax software for an affordable price. Not surprisingly, she knows how tight budgets can be for expats abroad, so her team makes doing taxes only 149 Euros. MyExpatTaxes knows moving abroad is hard enough…your taxes shouldn’t be.

Get ready for the full release of the MyExpatTaxes software this year!

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