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These U.S. Americans abroad already successfully filed their U.S. expat taxes online with MyExpatTaxes


FINALLY an easy and quick way to file US taxes from abroad! My old accountant who I’d been using Stateside retired last year, so I’d been putting it off since I filed for an extension last April, but the time to file suddenly crept up on me. In a slight panic, I did some searching online. After filling in an introductory questionnaire, followed by making a reasonable payment and then finally answering a short series of questions, MyExpatTaxes gave me an almost immediate initial response, and now, a mere 24 hours later, my worries are over. And to underscore my enthusiasm, I’ll just add that after I signed and sent them my final approval of the documents, I received a very kind and cordial reply... From a REAL person! So yeah, I HIGHLY recommend these cats for any ex-pats across the “big pond!”

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