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Who is MyExpatTaxes?

  • Our main USPs (Unique Selling Proposition)
  • Main messaging will include a couple of short “pitches” that they can use when talking about us online (copy and paste box)

MyExpatTaxes is listed as Best US Tax Software for Expatriates 2021 by The Balance and named ‘’the leading, most affordable tax solution software for expats’’ by Yahoo Finance.

How We Benefit Together


  • Being a part of our community with fellow US expats in the same boat as you
  • You will get lifetime access to our affiliate page, bringing you sustainable compensation
  • Oppurtunity to work with us in the coming years, build long-term partnership
  • Acess to ask any tax questions you have with our support team and 15 minute free consultation if necessary.
  • Exclusive news before we announce to the public about new software features and upgrades to make expat taxes easier (exclusive newsletter for influencers/partners)


  • Have another partner who can help us bring brand awareness across many platform and audiences.
  • Able to get feedback on our software, allowing us to improve to better fit expat’s needs and pockets.

Expat Tax 101

  • All infographics that we have used before
  • Short blurbs of information that give the main points that are important for tax season like deadlines, refunds, etc.


The most important information for Americans abroad to know about US taxes:

  • Americans abroad have until June 15 to file their US taxes. This is an automatic 2-month extension that the IRS grants. Expats only need to file their US taxes if they reach the filing thresholds (see expat tax guide below for more info).
  • Once you become tax compliant as an expat, you can receive Stimulus checks!
  • If you haven’t filed US taxes in a long time, you can use the Streamlined Procedure, a tax amnesty program to make up missed years of tax returns, penalty-free.

More info on each of these important points

Branding Guidelines

  • The brand colors and codes
  • Some graphics that we often use that they can use on their posts
  • Fonts, no cursive

Specific details:

  • The company/software name, MyExpatTaxes, is one word.
  • Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts: @myexpattaxes
  • Hashtag: #myexpattaxes
  • Branding colors: Green: #99cc67, Blue: #0067b1, Orange: #f5821f

Branding Materials

  • All the logos that we use in png formats
  • Downloadable headshots, company photos, Yahoo Finance image

Free Resources to Share:

Affiliate and Referral Program Details

To request free tax filing:

  1. Register on the MyExpatTaxes app
  2. Once fully registered, email with the email you used
  3. The IT team will credit your account with a 100% discount

10% code


Please email us at: We will respond as soon as possible!


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