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Earn 10% of every sale you generate.

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Earn 10% commission on every sale you generate from your links. Earn up to 70€ on a single purchase.

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Why promoting MyExpatTaxes is Easy

Promote The Most Trusted Expat Tax Software

  • MyExpatTaxes is the largest, and fastest-growing expat tax software with over 10,000 users.

  • Sell a solution that solves a real-world pain for your audience.

  • Our software is award-winning being named one of the Best Tax Software for Expatriates in 2021.

  • As more people move abroad and work remotely, the American expat audience will only increase.

How we help you succeed

When you win, we win. We want to work together.

Expat Tax Info Package

We provide you with all the tools and content you need to accurately spread the best information about US Expat Taxes.

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You have access to our affiliate platform where you can track your links and incoming revenue.

Marketing Insights and Tricks

We know who our audience is. We will provide you with the marketing tools and content you need to succeed.

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You are not alone. We give you access to the MyExpatTaxes marketing team to help you earn.

Frequently asked questions

Here are the most common questions about our affiliate program, let us know if you have more.

Being an affiliate partner at MyExpatTaxes, you will receive revenue by promoting the best way to file US taxes while living abroad. MyExpatTaxes has over 10,000 users and is constantly growing. It was also listed as the Best Tax Software for Expatriates in 2021 by the Balance.
When being a partner, you will receive assistance to help you earn revenue. We give all of our affiliates an expat tax info package that contains content to ensure you are accurately spreading information to your audience. You also have support from our marketing team. You will be able to track your incoming revenue through the affiliate marketing platform Tapfiliate.
We send the payments out every 30 days over PayPal to the payment method you register with when making your account.

Affiliates receive 10% of the sales they generate through the links their community uses to make a purchase. Based on our pricing tiers, this means that customers can make anywhere from 14.9€ to 70€ per sale paid out to the account that they used when making an account.

The commission calculates when a purchase is made from the customer, not on signup or visit. We send the payments out every 30 days over PayPal to the payment method you register with when creating your account.

You can receive a 10% commission when someone from your audience uses your link and completes a purchase with MyExpatTaxes. This means you DO NOT get commission per visit or sign up. All purchases must also adhere to the Terms and Conditions or else the commission payment will be paused or canceled.

Promoting MyExpatTaxes is easy. Always ensure you are showcasing educational content that promotes MyExpatTaxes software. We provide you with all the information to do so when you become a member.

Paid Adverting:

  • Affiliate Partners are prohibited from bidding on MyExpatTaxes branded terms or misspellings on paid search ads or URL.
  • Affiliate Partners are prohibited from redirecting search and display ads to the MyExpatTaxes website or Software.

Social Media:

  • You are not allowed to make social media accounts with the name MyExpatTaxes Information:
  • Always ensure you are spreading the correct information about MyExpatTaxes and Expat Taxes in general. We give assets and the starter guide to ensure that all information is correct.

The MyExpatTaxes referral program is for customers of MyExpatTaxes. When customers return to MyExpatTaxes, they receive 25 credits off their return and 20 credits off their return for every customer that purchases with their referral link. With the Affiliate Program, partners will use their platforms to promote MyExpatTaxes in exchange for cash payments, not credits for the software, which means that an affiliate program partner does not need to be a customer.

Once making an account, you will either be accepted, declined, or asked for more information by the MyExpatTaxes team. In partnerships, we look for people that are in a similar niche to MyExpatTaxes, which can be finance, travel, and relocation, or similar.

Once you get accepted as a partner, you will have access to “assets” in your Tapfiliate account. The assets section will give you access to your link and other helpful resources to use when promoting.