You still have to file every year, but we are making it a little better.

With MyExpatTaxes Rewards.

MyExpat­Taxes Credits are as good as cash

Start gener­ating your rewards

MyExpatTaxes Rewards Program | 01 file today

File Today

File your US Expat Taxes with us, and unlock ways to save.

MyExpatTaxes Rewards Program | 02 Earn Credits

Earn Credits

Start gaining credits in your account by sending referral links or being a returning customer.

MyExpatTaxes Rewards Program | 03 Redeem Next Year

Redeem Next Year

Credits work like cash towards your next return with us. When filing next year, we will be even more affordable.

We offer you two ways to save

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Referral Credits: Give 20% off get 20 credits!

Receive a 20% off link to send to your friends. When they file, you get 20 credits added to your account!

Loyalty Credits: Get 25 credits just for filing!

File your US Expat Taxes with MyExpatTaxes this year. Get 25 credits added to your account in 2024*.

* from purchases starting in January 2021

MyExpat­Taxes Credits are as good as cash!

Having credits in your MyExpatTaxes account makes filing even more affordable.

Collect credits
25 Credits

In your MyExpatTaxes account

Earn Rewards
25 EUR or USD

towards your purchase

Stack up your credits

It pays to have friends, but it pays even more to be our friend.

Your friend used your 20% off referral link.
20 credits added to your account per link used.
20 credits added to your account per link used.
Filed with MyExpatTaxes in 2023.
Get 25 credits for in 2024 for being part of our community.
Get 25 credits for in 2024 for being part of our community.
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Frequently asked questions

Here are the most common questions about our rewards program, let us know if you have more.

1 credit = 1 unit of currency you choose to make your payment in.
Currently, MyExpatTaxes offers EUR and USD. Therefore, 1 credit = 1 USD or 1 Euro.

Yes! You are free to stack up as many credits as you like.

If 6 of your friends have filed using your referral link, you will get free Base Plan filing for the year. You can continue to add up credits into your account, which you can use for the following year.

Once you complete your purchase with MyExpatTaxes, you will receive a referral link within your account in the MyExpatTaxes software. With this link, your friends get 20% off their purchase, and you will get 20 credits added to your account for next year.

No. This program is based on purchases starting in January 2021.

Whatever credits are remaining in your account, you can use them for that year. For example, if a friend used your referral link this year before you file, you will have 20 credits in your account this year towards your purchase.