Why MyExpat­Taxes?

Discover Your Passport to a Fulfilling Career: Embrace Innovation and Inclusivity to Empower Expats and Redefine Tax Solutions


Our Culture / Values

We believe that a thriving culture is the foundation for creating innovative, efficient, and high-quality software solutions. We are committed to fostering an environment that encourages creativity, inclusivity, and personal growth for our team members.


Transparency & Autonomy

We provide as much information as possible and trust in our employees to make decisions. This requires us all to be vulnerable and provide feedback.


We respect your time

Time for work, time for learning, time for rest, and time for play. You need them all. That is why we schedule around home life, providing learning opportunities, and support free time.


We value diversity

Our clients are global, and so is our team. We don’t have all the answers, so the more people speak up from varied perspectives, the higher the chance of getting the best results!

Our Benefits & Perks

These are just some of the many things you can enjoy when working at MyExpatTaxes.



Access to high-quality, personalized, on-demand mental health support.


Wellness Budget

€100/month to spend on whatever will contribute to your wellbeing (gym, dinner, massage...).


Home Office

€300 to set up your home office, and again every 2 years. Trust us, that chair really is worth it.


Vacation Days

Minimum 25 days paid leave for all. Plus enjoy your Birthday, Dec 24 & 31st off!



Employees may set their daily working time freely between Monday to Friday, from 6:00 am to 20:00.


Social Events

We love spending time together - whether it is after-work activities, on-sites or virtual hangs.

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Internal & external learning opportunities to make sure you continue to grow professionally.

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Work Anywhere

Home office, coffee shop or our Vienna office - it is your choice each and every day.

Application Process

Introduction Call

A brief call with the Office & Culture Manager to get to know you and introduce the company.

Skill Fit Interview

Let's dive into your skills and experience with the head of your department. Show us your knowledge! 

Culture Add Interview

Meet more of your potential coworkers, and share more about what you can add to our team.

Formal Offer

If everything aligns and you're the right fit, we will extend a formal offer. Welcome to MyExpatTaxes!

Our Office

Emilie Flöge Weg, Vienna Austria

Our Leadership Team

DeGuang Degi Sea, CTO

DeGuang 'Degi' Sea

CTO and Co-Founder

10 years of experience in software engineering. Passionate about technology with a purpose. Lover of good Youtube videos, and a rockstar dad.

Nathalie Goldstein, CEO

Nathalie Goldstein

CEO and Co-Founder

Silicon Valley native and US expat. Bachelors in Finance and Masters in Information Systems Management. Matcha tea expert and fitness enthusiast.

Markus Finster, CEO

Markus Finster 

CEO and Co-Founder

20 years in information technology, multi-tasking master, part-time woodworker, and full-time cool dad.

Markus Finster, CEO

Markus Finster 

CEO and Co-Founder

20 years in information technology, multi-tasking master, part-time woodworker, and full-time cool dad.

Our Teams


Tax Preparation

We are the service you asked for. Filing your expat taxes so you don't have to.



We build, we fix, we innovate. We are the foundation of the software.


User Support

When a customer has a problem - who they gonna call? No, not them. Our user support team.



How did you learn about MyExpatTaxes? Well, that's thanks to our marketing team.



People, HR, Accounting, & more - These people keep everything moving and the team happy 


Join the Team

Be part of our awesome team! Embrace Innovation and Inclusivity.

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Meet the Team

A team of International Tax Experts and US Expats.

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About MyExpatTaxes

Motivated because we know how stressful the US tax process is.