"MyExpat­Taxes was the software I needed when I filed taxes after moving abroad."

CEO and IRS Enrolled Agent, Nathalie Goldstein

Nathalie Goldstein, CEO and IRS Enrolled Agent

A team of International Tax Experts & Expats

Not only are we good at crunching the numbers for you, but we are also motivated to do it because we know how stressful the US tax process is. Over 30% of our team are expats after all.


Experience in Expat Tax Laws & Support

MyExpatTaxes is backed by a team with years of experience in International Tax Law, Software Development, and Security.

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CPA and IRS Enrolled Agents

We guarantee accuracy because we know that in addition to our smart software, our Support Team, CPAs, and IRS Enrolled Agents are the best around!


Experienced Technical Support

Seasoned experts who are dedicated to providing swift, clear solutions.

Our vision

MyExpatTaxes was built to fill the gap in the US Expat Tax market. The software is an accessible and smart solution to file US Expat Taxes in as little as 15 minutes, without the high price tag.

The MyExpatTaxes software was developed for instant eFiling, maximizing refunds for every expat, and ensuring 100% accuracy. Since 2018, we’re doing just that, in addition to proving that we can take on complex tax cases.

Here at MyExpatTaxes, we believe that everyone should have access to the correct information, file affordably, and save time.

Our story

We, the four founders, all met each other while working at the same huge multi-national IT company. Some of us had known each other for years, with Nathalie joining us after moving abroad from California to Austria. She introduced us to the pains of filing US taxes from abroad after having a particularly horrible experience with a US-based CPA.

That bad example, combined with the yearning of working directly with clients again and to solve a real problem lead to one late afternoon on October: We were hunched over a few large pieces of paper, drawing database models and the user-flow of what would soon become the very first version of MyExpatTaxes.

We launched in March 2018 and based on the overwhelmingly positive feedback, we all left our corporate jobs and launched what was then the best tax software for US expats – and we have improved it even more ever since.

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in the heart of Vienna, Austria



A team of 65% women

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30% Expats

and people from more than 23 countries.



A team of tax experts and software masters

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Team SoftwareSpinner

Joachim Niederreiter (Co-Founder), Markus Finster (COO and Co-Founder), Nathalie Goldstein (CEO and Co-Founder), DeGuang 'Degi' Sea (CTO and Co-Founder)


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