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One-On-One Tax Planning

Finished filing your 2023 taxes and want to plan ahead for 2024?

All New for 2024 Tax Prep! Now you can book a video call with one of our expat tax pros. During your 30-minute call, you can ask any questions to help you plan for the 2024 tax year. Sound good? Book your call today!

Get your questions answered about planning your:



Can you contribute to a US IRA?



What is capital gains harvesting?



Will your foreign investments trigger US tax issues?



What business structure helps or hurts your US taxes?


Property Sales

Should you sell or gift?


Property Sales

What deductions are applicable?


Property Sales

How much tax to expect on property sales?

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Will your foreign pension plans trigger US tax issues?

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What is included in the 341€382$ planning upgrade?*

Already a Premium Client for the current tax year? You can add on the planning services for only 269€301$ additional.

  • Professional Tax Consulting and Review

  • 30 Minute Video Call to discuss your tax situation

  • Everything for a Federal Tax Return

  • Continued email support for tax planning questions

* The Planning Package is only available if your financial records and bookkeeping are up to date and organized in a usable manner for your US tax preparation. If you need support organizing financial statements including bank statements, additional fees will apply.

* Actual USD prices are dependent on the recent exchange rate. We are using exchange rates as published on exchangeratesapi.io which are updated on a weekly basis, and include an exchange fee of 4%.

Frequently asked questions

Here are the most common questions about our planning program, let us know if you have more.

Yes! You cannot use our planning service until your current year tax return is completed. You will need to finish up your current year taxes either on MyExpatTaxes (preferred) or through another tax provider.

The video call included in your Premium Tier purchase is to review your current year's taxes only. However, you can easily add on the Planning service to your Premium Tier to get a second video call, dedicated to future tax planning.

Even if you only need the Planning Service, we’ll include the Premium Tier features since in order to plan for your future tax situation, a tax professional will need to review your current year tax situation in depth.

No. The call is restricted to tax advice, no investment advice. We do not provide tax advice for other countries other than the US.

Yes please! It is necessary to inform us of the topics you would like to see covered in the in the call. Please proceed after checkout and provide the information at least one week before the call. If no information is provided, the call may be rescheduled for a later available date.



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