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MyExpatTaxes Premium - Work with a Tax Accountant step by step

One-On-One Human Tax Preparation

Choose to file with a Tax professional and you'll have a real human prepare your tax return for you. Want to discuss your situation? No problem! The option to add a 30-minute video call to your Premium Plan is available at anytime.

US Dollar

What’s included with the Premium Plan?*

Everything you need to file your US tax return plus expert tax support.

  • Professional Tax Consulting and Review

  • Optional 30 minute video call with a Tax Agent. Exclusive for Premium users.**

  • Everything for a Federal Tax Return

  • FBAR and FATCA Filing

  • Secure Document Upload

  • Foreign Earned Income Exclusion: Form 2555

  • Foreign Tac Credit: Form 1116

  • Child Tax Credit and all other refunds maximized

  • e-File of your completed tax return

* 539€608$ fixed price for individual filing. The Premium Tier Package is only available if your financial records and bookkeeping are up to date and organized in a usable manner for your US tax preparation. If you need support organizing financial statements including bank statements, additional fees will apply. While we are happy to help calculate total income, major expenses, and foreign taxes paid, you will be responsible for calculating any misc. expenses for business and rental income. Non-Standard Forms are not included and are typically not needed. For more information on Enterprise Package Deals - please see here.

* Actual USD prices are dependent on the recent exchange rate. We are using exchange rates as published on exchangeratesapi.io which are updated on a weekly basis, and include an exchange fee of 4%.

** If you do not require a video call, you can deselect it at checkout. A call is only required for users submitting form 5471 or 8865.

How premium filing with MyExpatTaxes Works

Your US expat taxes done with confidence in just a few steps. Upload your documents and answer a few personal questions. A tax pro will then prepare your return for you to review and e-File.


Create an account

Create an account in under 3 minutes! Answer simple questions about yourself.

How MyExpatTaxes works: Create account

Activate your account

A link will be sent to your inbox to activate your account. Make sure to check your spam!

How MyExpatTaxes works: Activate account

Activate your account

A link will be sent to your inbox to activate your account. Make sure to check your spam!

Upgrade your account

You'll see the Upgrade button in the top right corner of your screen. Click on it and select Upgrade Now for our PREMIUM tier. Follow the payment prompts and your upgrade will be processed. Once complete you'll be connected with your personal expat tax pro!

How MyExpatTaxes works: Questions
Talk with a tax professional

Have a 30-minute video call with a professional to discuss the details of your situation (optional).

Expert Tax Support
Talk with a tax professional

Have a 30-minute video call with a professional to discuss the details of your situation (optional).

Sit back & e-file when ready

Our tax professionals will work with you to get all the necessary information required and your return prepared. Then when you are happy with your return, we will e-file the return for you.

How MyExpatTaxes works: e-File

Want more information on exactly what happens after the Premium Upgrade? See our detailed Help Center Post here.

Lean back & relax while your return is professionally prepared

Ask us anything! MyExpatTaxes expert human support is there for you every step of the way! Once you commit to Premium you'll unlock access to our tax team to prepare and review your tax return. We've got this!



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