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1. Preamble

Welcome to MyExpatTaxes, where we guide you through the tax return process smoothly and efficiently. You sign in, answer a limited amount of questions that are relevant for your return, confirm the results and calculations, and then submit!

The Software Spinner GmbH located at Emilie-Flöge-Weg 3 / Top 4, 1100 Vienna, Austria ("us", "we", or "our") operates www.myexpattaxes.com (“Site”).

These terms and conditions (“Terms”) apply to the use of the services offered on the Site. If the user does not accept the Terms, the use of Site services is prohibited.

2. Offered Services

MyExpatTaxes is an online service helping individual American expatriates prepare their tax returns with the IRS. Registering an account is necessary for making full use of the service, however, registering is free of charge.

Downloading the tax forms or filing electronically though does requires an active subscription or a one-time fee. Depending on individual rates, the costs for data transfer may apply, which have to be carried by the user.

The prices for purchasing one-time-filings or subscriptions are clearly stated on the Site.

Tax preparers wishing to file on behalf of their clients should reach out to team@myexpattaxes.com to discuss a license agreement.

3. Contractual Obligations

MyExpatTaxes is a tax preparing service. As such, we ask for the user’s relevant information to complete the appropriate forms as stipulated by the IRS and United States Tax code. Based on the information entered, for example (but not exclusively) income and deductions, we calculate the amount the user may owe to the IRS and enable them to immediately file their tax return either electronically or by printing out the forms and sending them via mail.

We calculate both federal and state taxes for the United States and its territories. We do not enable users to file their taxes in the country they reside in.

Users enter into a binding contract as soon as they have completed the purchase on the site.

4. Account registration and deletion

Users need to register an account to use MyExpatTaxes. Registration is free of charge. The use of MyExpatTaxes is permitted for individuals over the age of 18 years and who are able to enter a legally binding contract. The specified profile data must be correct, complete, and must continuously be kept up-to-date. Multiple registrations are not permitted. Registrations on behalf of other users are only permitted with the express permission of MyExpatTaxes. Such permission can be sought by reaching out to team@myexpattaxes.com

The users' login credentials must be kept confidential. The user must take appropriate measures to prevent the unauthorized use of this data in order to access MyExpatTaxes. In case third parties have had access to the login data, access data must be changed immediately.

By registering, the user agrees to receive the recurring MyExpatTaxes newsletter and therefore receives information at regular intervals from MyExpatTaxes. The user may unsubscribe from the newsletter, by simply disabling the subscription of the newsletter in the user profile or by directly clicking on the unsubscribe link in the newsletter.

Users can delete their user account at any time without giving reasons. Further information can be found in the Privacy Policy.

MyExpatTaxes reserves the right to refuse service to users who have registered and will notify the user if doing so. Payments made after the notification will be refunded without services being rendered. If services are purchased and delivered in one year, it does not prevent MyExpatTaxes from refusing further services in the following year(s).

5. Customer Referrals

Upon their first purchase of MyExpatTaxes services, customers will receive a unique referral URL they can share with others. Anybody using such a referral link to register will receive a 20% discount on their current year tax return. The referring customer will receive 20 credits to apply to their own tax return for each new customer they referred.

Only one referral link can be linked to one newly registered customer. Registering new accounts to exploit the referral system will be considered a violation of these terms.

Credits cannot be exchanged for cash payment and are not transferable.

6. Withdrawal

The cancellation policy applies to consumers (as defined by law) who purchased services at the Site, which are subject to charge.

The consumer may withdraw from the contractual agreement of a purchased service within a period of 14 calendar days, in writing (e.g. E-Mail, Fax, Letter) without giving reasons. The withdrawal period starts on the day of the conclusion of the contract. To comply with the cancellation period, it is sufficient to submit the cancellation within the due time. Cancellations must be sent to:

Software Spinner Gmbh
Emilie-Flöge-Weg 3 / Top 4
1100 Wien

E-Mail: cancellation@myexpattaxes.com

Obligations for the refund of payments will be fulfilled within 30 days.
However, if the user either sends their tax return or downloads the appropriate forms from the Site, the user agrees that with either action the right of withdrawal is waived.

If the user deletes their account, when a subscription has not completed its term, the refund to be returned will be calculated by taking the value of the subscription, dividing it by the number of years the subscription covered, and multiplying by the number of outstanding years or tax returns, resulting in the refund amount to the user.

Any accumulated but unused credits by a user (see above) will be forfeited.

7. Liability

We cannot be held liable for the correctness of the information the users provide on their tax return.

We are not liable for any damage caused by errors, delays, or interruptions in the transmission of data either between the user and the Site or the Site and other entities, malfunctions of the technical systems, loss or deletion of data, viruses, or any other damage which might occur during the use of MyExpatTaxes, unless they are caused intentionally or by gross negligence by us.

We are liable only for the correct calculations of the user’s tax return based on the information the user entered. These limitations of liability include claims against our employees or representatives.

Moreover, we are not liable for the content, accuracy, legality, and functionality of third party internet pages, which reference from or to the Site via a link. MyExpatTaxes requires an active internet connection. We neither assume responsibility that our services are continuously usable and/or accessible nor are we liable for technical transmission delays or failures. We are not liable for the unauthorized knowledge or attainment of personal user data by third parties such as hackers.

8. Data protection

The protection of the personal data provided is very important to the Operator. Privacy rules, as specified in the Privacy Policy, apply.

9. Trademark rights

MyExpatTaxes and other trademarks owned by us may not be used without express written consent. Expressly excluded is the use of press photos provided by us on the Site for press and marketing purposes.

10. Violations of the Terms

In case of violations of one or more of the provisions outline above, we reserve the right to temporarily or permanently and notwithstanding further legal steps against the affected user, to block or delete their accounts and any un-filed tax returns in our systems. We shall retain any tax returns filed with us in accordance with US tax laws.

If a user has been blocked, they may reach out to team@myexpattaxes.com to ask for clarifications regarding the restrictions.

If a user is permanently blocked from MyExpatTaxes, they will forfeit any purchased services or subscriptions without compensation. In case of a temporary block, the use of purchased services or subscriptions will not be extended by the time the user was blocked. There will also be no compensation.

11. Amendments of the Terms

We reserve the right to amend the Terms at any time without prior notice. Once they are amended we will publish them on the Site, with an overview of the changes that were made. Every time a user renews the services of MyExpatTaxes, they shall have to agree to the Terms prior to checkout.

If the user does not agree with the new terms, they may cancel their current checkout process and, if they wish so, may delete their account from the Site.

12. Final Provisions

The Terms are subject to Austrian law, excluding the UN Convention of International Sale of Goods and the reference norms (IPRG, EVÜ, etc.). The exclusive place of jurisdiction is the relevant court in Vienna, Austria.

With a view to reaching an out-of-court settlement between us and the User, the User may contact the online platform provided by the EU. The so-called ADR-platform is available here:http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/.

If individual stipulations of the Terms should be or become ineffective, invalid or unworkable, this shall not touch the legal effectiveness of the other stipulations of the Terms. In place of the ineffective, invalid or unworkable stipulation, a valid and workable regulation shall apply which approximates as closely as possible to that the contract partners would have economically intended if the contract partners would have pursued with the ineffective, invalid or unworkable stipulation. The above stipulations apply accordingly in the event that the contract is shown to be incomplete.

If you have any questions, please contact us at team@myexpattaxes.com.

Terms and conditions version: April 9th, 2022
Software Spinner GmbH
Emilie-Flöge-Weg 3 / Top 4, 1100 Vienna, Austria