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These US Americans abroad already successfully filed their US expat taxes online with MyExpatTaxes

Athens, Greece

Very streamlined software, easy to use. Customer service is prompt, friendly and helpful in answering questions. I will continue to use their services.

Hamburg, Germany

I hadn’t filed my taxes for the last 6 years… I used this website and their service is… awesome! I am getting a huge refund, and on top of that, they filed my forms quickly and in a proper manner.


Any expats following me, I’ve been using @MyExpatTaxes the past few years to file.

Very easy, check it out.

Tegelen, Netherlands

Great experience, very helpful and always available to answer questions and help you thru the process. Thanks again for all of your help.

Boston, Massachusetts

Excellent tax prep service for expats or people having multinational income. Very fair fees and quick responses for any questions you may have. Highly recommend!


🙌 🙌 🙌 I love @myexpattaxes! Woman founder as well 🔥

(Geneva, Switzerland)

I’ve used the MyExpatTaxes basic package for the past two tax years to submit my US taxes and FBAR.

I have found the platform extremely intuitive and user friendly (for example, automatically converting from local currency to USD based on posted IRS conversion factors for the year, walking you through the FBAR reporting process, etc.) and the price point is reasonable.


So pleased to have my taxes done! Very thankful to have myexpattaxes services available as one can be confident that it is done properly.  

A further plus is that it is easy and at a reasonable price. Thank you very much, super service!


I used them for the first time, and it was so easy. Highly recommended.


I was thrilled with my filing this year…

It was so easy and fast, and it didn‘t cost an arm and a leg (some expat tax services were quoting me $500 for a federal tax return, absolutely nuts)!

So, so happy and feeling much less stressed about my expat taxes this year!

(Sofia, Bulgaria)

Fantastic experience! Second time filing with MyExpatTaxes since I moved to Europe and am very grateful I found them.

The software is intuitive and easy to use. The service is impeccable.

Recommended 100% for expat tax help! Thanks!

MyExpatTaxes user

(Porta Wesfalica, Germany)

Top!!! Did the streamline program! Was really scared to trust an online tax preparer, but took the leap and it payed off… Already recommended my fellow American who lives in our village… so relieved!!! And will most assuredly be using this website for my 2020 taxes.

(London, UK)

MyExpatTaxes picked me up while I was in my darkest hour. Basically, I went through their online portal and about an hour and £150 later, I was done!

I got a personal email detailing their recommendations for my return and they took care of everything! They made sure I wasn’t double taxed and I am now actually expecting my normal return!!

Honestly, I’m so pumped with how simple it was and can’t wait to do it again next year.

(London, UK)

That is the fastest way I’ve ever filed my taxes abroad and the price was fair.

(Bern, Switzerland)

excellent service. quick, clear and friendly communication. software easy to use. I highly recommend them!

(Leiden, Netherlands)

“Your tax return has been electronically accepted by the IRS!”
You have no idea the joy that this brings me, especially after two rejections from them so far.

Our tax preparer retired last year, and as you can imagine, filing taxes between two countries and when you have your own business is no fun. I searched in vain for an affordable replacement, and I tried FreeFile, from the IRS, and it was complicated and my filing was rejected – and I couldn’t quite figure out why…. to the rescue!

It wasn’t very hard, and it cost €150 (€120 with a referral discount), and the peace of mind now that it’s done??

Priceless. 😊

(Stockholm, Sweden)

Phenomenal service! I never knew how easy it would be to catch up on my back taxes while living in Sweden! You guys made my stressful situation feel like a breeze! Thanks again!

MyExpatTaxes user

(London, UK)

They were very helpful and responsive to any queries and the stress I had about filing was unnecessary in the end! I’ll use them every year. 😃

(Lisbon, Portugal)

Efficient, helpful and fast!. Doing my 2019 taxes couldn’t have been easier to do!! Will definitely use MyExpatTaxes again next year!

(Geneva, Switzerland)

I was in a bit of a pinch this year. Professional tax-prep is usually a part of my expat package and I realized close to the filing deadline that perk had expired this year. I looked around for solutions and landed on MyExpatTaxes.

The process was extremely intuitive and they provided every IRS form I needed. The simplicity had me looking for “the catch”. Will definitely be a returning customer as it was a delightful experience.

note: I waited until the IRS confirmed my filing until I wrote this review.

(West Sussex, UK)

I highly recommend MyExpatTaxes!

I was dreading filing taxes this year as it’s the first year my husband is an expat because we moved back to my home country last year, after I had spent 20 years in his country. The whole filing process was extremely simple, questions were answered very promptly and efficiently. We were delighted with the service and the price was affordable. We received our refund fairly quickly once our return had been filed and accepted.

Very happy and will continue to use MyExpatTaxes.

(Paris, France)

Quick, efficient, friendly service. I will be back next year!

(Toronto, Canada)

You guys saved my bacon!

You were the third online site I tried after giving up on completing my own (this year seemed more complicated than previous years…)

Your software was far and beyond the easiest to navigate. Great job!

(South Korea)

Quick, friendly service.

They helped me quickly and explained everything that I needed in an easy to understand way 🙂

(Gloucestershire, UK)

Having returned to the UK after 25 years in the US, my taxes were quite complicated but these guys did an excellent job. €149 for the federal filing + €100 for a state filing, no hidden fees or suprise charges. The online questionnaire was very simple (much nicer than TurboTax) and the customer support was amazing – every email answered within an hour or two. I was quoted £1400 to do the same work by a UK firm, I’m glad I looked for another option. I have now received both federal and state refunds and can call myself a delighted customer!

(Dublin, Ireland)

Amazing service. Helped us become tax compliant after 15 years abroad (had no idea we needed to file if we were paying tax elsewhere.) Imagine the shock when we found out not only were we now compliant but we were getting an over 6k refund and were entitled to the stimulus package! The system was so simple and user-friendly and will use annually from now on!

(Zürich, Switzerland)

Amazing easy to use software. It actually explains what you are doing in a simple way. Easily the best online expat tax service I have used so far! Any open questions were answered by their experts right away! I am kicking myself for overpaying for considerably worse service of other sites and lawyers over the years.

MyExpatTaxes user

(Vancouver, British Columbia)

I used MyExpatTaxes for the first time this year, after having given up on other services which seem to cater to user who are far more knowledgeable about taxation than I. The MyExpatTaxes questionnaire is user-friendly and makes sense. The maze of the foreign tax credit and, worse, the alternative minimum tax, was easily and promptly navigated by a MyExpatTaxes expert. Yes, the service is more expensive than some others, but don’t let the price scare you–you will save time and be assured that the return has been very carefully reviewed by a tax professional.

(Vienna, Austria)

I had such a great experience with MyExpatTaxes, I will keep doing my taxes with them. It’s so easy and they offer the best service!🌟

(Yangon, Myanmar)

MyExpatTaxes were super professional and helpful. Their prices were very reasonable, especially when compared to other companies out there, and their interface was simple but easy to use. Furthermore, their customer service was prompt, knowledgable and understanding. I was initially skeptical but was quickly won over. By far, the best experience I’ve had with doing my taxes!

(Vienna, Austria)

Simple, friendly & quick customer service, and a great price! (think how many hours this will save you.. time is money).

(Maastricht, Netherlands)

Yay!! I’m all caught up on filing my taxes! It was never so quick and easy. MyExpatTaxes goes above and beyond what anyone else has to offer at a reasonable price. The form was clear and simple to understand and all of my questions were answered by their FAQ’s.

(Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany)

It was fast, easy and uncomplicated. Highly recommended. Excellent!!

MyExpatTaxes user


The site is super easy to navigate & the entire process is incredibly user friendly. I had to play catch up with my taxes and this made a stress experience all the more less so. You essentially need your end-of-year salary sheet, answer simple questions, and boom boom boom. All good!

Had all the forms filled out and downloaded in two days, and I just needed to sign.

Very fast responses, a warm and patient team– I cannot recommend MyExpatTaxes enough. I will definitely stick with them for next year– if they’ll let me! Excellent, excellent service, and very fairly priced. Merci!


I shopped around a little, and My Expat Taxes blew the competition away. Great, friendly service. Will be back.

(Geneva, Switzerland)

I didn’t file U.S. returns for a long time. The main reason was cost, always $1,000 for some so-called specialist to spend a few minutes on my otherwise plain-vanilla filing. Then I discovered MyExpatTaxes and it was off to the races. Great service and a very affordable price. Now I’m getting caught up on many filings for the same price as it used to cost for just one!

John David
(New South Wales, Australia)

For any American living overseas, I absolutely cannot recommend MyExpatTaxes highly enough. Whether you are self-employed (as I am) or an international or US firm employs you, their platform makes it so easy. And that’s not a word I typically use when talking about US taxes.

To file your return, MyExpatTaxes walks you through a series of questions to assess your situation, and then you plug in the numbers. Once you finish, your return is reviewed by an authorised tax agent and filed (generally electronically). It’s apparent that they have spent a great deal of time and testing on their platform and interface and in my opinion, they have done a brilliant job. It almost makes doing your taxes fun (almost!).

(Graz, Austria)

I would highly recommend MyExpatTaxes. Not only are they cheaper than all other tax services I have used in the past, but their customer service is beyond excellent.

(Huenfelden, Germany)

Highly recommend!

I will definitely be using their services next year. They are extremely knowledgeable and responsive. The website is user friendly and they processed my taxes in record time!

(Auckland, New Zealand)

I cannot recommend MyExpatTaxes highly enough. I spent 10 HOURS (including 2 hours on the phone with CPAs) trying to force the TurboTax system to calculate my taxes correctly. Thank goodness I knew enough to know that it was incorrect or we would have paid money in that we didn’t owe!

After a Google search and some reading, I decided to try out MyExpatTaxes. Since they are geared specifically for expat taxes, they asked all the right questions and I was done in less than an hour! An amazing experience from start to finish. I will never use any other service.

(Modena, Italy)

Professional and prompt, even amidst the craziness of this particular tax year! Markus won over my business my answering thoroughly and in the friendliest manner my questions about the coronavirus stimulus, even before I was a paying customer.

This past year I had 4 different freelance jobs and one salaried job spread out between 2 different countries. Was this a problem? Not in the slightest.

I’m not someone that normally tells friends about businesses but I’ve recommended MyExpatTaxes to all my fellow expat friends. More expensive than TurboTax and its kin by a little, sure, but MyExpatTaxes has knowledge and service that pays off in spades.

(London, UK)

I never knew getting my US taxes up to date would be so easy. I entered all my information into their web app over the weekend (it took about 2 hours) and my draft taxes were ready on Monday morning. A small issue was rectified quickly and that was that – my taxes filed and a huge item on my to-do list done. And, I’m getting $2400 in refunds that I never knew I was entitled to (!!!) plus should get the 2020 stimulus money. Well worth the cost (about £620 for 4 years taxes). I can’t describe what a relief it is getting this sorted!

(Sydney, Australia)

Super helpful with my taxes backdated a couple years. It is very complicated and I thank MyExpatTaxes for everything they did to help.

(Berlin, Germany)

Amazing service, turned a bureaucracy nightmare into a few hours of manageable work. Thank you!

(Aarhus, Demark)

Fantastic, highly competent service at a very reasonable price. Highly recommended and will continue to use in the future.

(Montreal, Canada)

This is the tax software I have been waiting for!

Unlike any other country in the world, American expatriates still have to file taxes, even if they do not live or work in the United States. The questionnaire-style approach made the convoluted process easy and quick. The price is also an excellent value, far cheaper than using an accountant.

(Beijing, China)

They’re very helpful and easy to navigate. I appreciate their prompt service and great tax service. Doing taxes from abroad was definitely quicker and simpler than I anticipated with their help!

MyExpatTaxes user

Mike & Mary

MyExpat Taxes did a fantastic job. My return was difficult, but was a breeze with their support. Nathalie walked me through all the steps with ease, could not be more patient, helpful and with a great Price.

I would highly recommend MyExpatTaxes and can’t thank them enough.

(Hampshire, UK)

Very straightforward to get my taxes completed. Any questions I had were answered extremely quickly even at weekends.

Very happy with the service will be using them next year too.

(Gijón, Spain)

This solution was so easy and way less expensive than other options I´ve tried before. It was straightforward and simple. I like that they have different payment tiers depending on your needs. They were so helpful in answering questions promptly and offering whatever information they could to make the process smooth and easy. Highly recommend!