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MyExpatTaxes Team

My Expat Taxes is the first product of its parent company, Software Spinner.

Joachim, Markus, and Nathalie formed Software Spinner with the sole purpose of using software to solve everyday, real world problems.

Joachim Niederreiter, MyExpatTaxes

Joachim Niederreiter

CTO and Co-Founder

Joachim has a degree in computer science and more than 35 years in software engineering, from software development to senior management, and with his current role, he’s now back to calling the shots in developing the site to optimize user experience. One of his favorite aspects of his role at the company is the ability to transform ideas into useful, working, and tangible solutions that immediately improve the quality of his customers' lives.

He could probably spend all day drinking coffee and coding, but when he’s not changing the world with lines of code he enjoys playing the keyboard in his band, or soaking up the sun on his motorcycle, or defeating his opponents in badminton.

Markus Finster, MyExpatTaxes

Markus Finster

COO and Co-Founder

Markus’ favorite part of starting the company is being able to work with passionate people to make customers' lives easier. He has an engineering degree in information management and more than 20 years in information technology with a focus on project management, which makes him uniquely qualified to handle issues ranging from the background to foreground of running a company.

Markus enjoys multi-tasking and being involved on nearly every project and working with different personalities. But his secret super power lies in a little known fact that he is a master hair braider. Thanks to his two daughters he has mastered this skill set which has helped him in becoming the expert multitasker he is today.

Nathalie Goldstein, MyExpatTaxes

Nathalie Goldstein

CEO and Co-Founder

Nathalie graduated from Santa Clara University, located in the heart of Silicon Valley with a bachelors in finance and relocated to Vienna where she graduated from FH Technikum Wien with a masters in information systems management. As an American expat, she is a customer of her own product. This motivation coupled with her academic background and experience makes her the ideal subject matter expert on how to simplify the expat tax filing procedure.

Nathalie believes that everyone should be empowered to save time, money, and control their finances. When she’s not in the office solving the world’s problems you can find her either working out, whipping up nutritious meals, or enjoying matcha tea lattes on her balcony.

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