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The most popular US Expat Tax Software.

Get 100% tax compliant regardless of how complex your US expat tax situation is. MyExpatTaxes is trusted by thousands of US expats, every year.

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The leading, and most affordable, tax filing platform for American expats.

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Why Thousands of US Expats Think We Are The Best

maximize return
We maximize your return for a low price.

More US Expat Tax deductions than any other tax softwares guaranteed.

Technology that’s fast and accurate.

We do all the calculations for you plus three-factor accuracy checks. File in as fast as 15 minutes.

Support Level
You choose one price and support you need.

Whether you’re looking for DIY or a Certified U.S. Expat Professional, we have options for you.

Rigorous European security standards.

The only Expat Tax software compliant with European Union General Data Protection Regulation.

See why US expats from around the world love us.

Over 450 reviews

How does MyExpatTaxes work? Here are the 3 main steps.

howItWorks: qualify check
Create an account.

Start for free, pay only when your satisfied and ready to file.

howItWorks: enter info
Fill out your information.

Save your progress and come back anytime. Oh, and no boring tax forms here.

howItWorks: confirm & file
You confirm & we e-file.

Confirm the results and calculations. We e-file your tax returns with the IRS. You will be notified along the way.

The only Expat Tax software you need for your 2021 tax return.

We know, taxes for Americans Abroad are different this year. Our tax experts have you covered for new changes no matter your income or tax situation.

Don't miss out on any tax benefits!

tax experts

Human experts are there for you, every step.

Ask us anything! We are here for you and committed to saving you time and money. If you need more than basic tax and technical support offered in the DIY software, we have options for you too.

All-in-one expat tax filing.

Our web-app guides you through the US expat filing process. US Tax Forms, Foreign Income from Salary to Social Security Benefits, FBAR and e-filing all in one place.

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Best Tax Software for Expatriates in 2021

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