MyExpatTaxes Affiliate Partnership Guide

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In this short guide, we will explain how be a successful affiliate with MyExpatTaxes. Read below to understand how to use our third party affiliate platform in addition to where to find the best marketing resources! If you ever have questions about being an affiliate, send an email to

Using Tapfiliate

MyExpatTaxes uses a third-party program called Tapfiliate which you will use to track your revenues, gather your marketing assets and copy your affiliate link. It is important to have an understanding of how this system works, in order for you to be a successful affiliate.

Your Affiliate Link and Marketing Tools

You can find your tracking link by:
1. Logging into your affiliate account.
2. Once logged in, click on assets, found on the left side of the navigation bar.

Within the assets page, you get your unique referral link, and all of your marketing assets that we provide.

Your referral link is very important as it is the only way that MyExpatTaxes can track your performance and ensure you get commission for your efforts.

Your referral link will direct customers to where they can sign up and start filing US taxes. It is important that the user click on your referral link and make an account with MyExpatTaxes, as that is the only way your commission will be counted.

The referral link also gives 15% off to the customers as an incentive to make an account!

Additionally you can find all of the marketing tools for our affiliates under the assets page.

Tracking Commissions

In your Tapfiliate Account, you are able to track your commissions and conversions.

What is commission?

As a partner of the affiliate marketing program, you will receive commission of 10% on every conversion that you generate from your affiliate link.

This means, that you can receive a minimum of 14.90€ per sale, upwards to 159€. You will be able to track these conversions in your MyExpatTaxes Tapfiliate Account.

What is a conversion?

A conversion is tracked when someone using your link makes a purchase to file their US taxes with MyExpatTaxes through one of the Individual Pricing Plans.

In order to receive the commission, the purchase must be made by a NEW user of MyExpatTaxes and adhere to the terms and conditions of the program.

How Payouts Work

Payments will be made up to 30 days after the conversion was tracked through Tapfiliate. This gives the MyExpatTaxes team time to ensure that the conversion is accurate and follows the terms and conditions.

Payments will only be made out via PayPal.

Promoting MyExpatTaxes

How Can I Promote?

Sharing Expat Tax Info: The best way to market MyExpatTaxes is to share accurate and meaningful information. Often, expats don’t know that they need to file a US tax return or are very confused by the process. Giving people answers is the best way to grab attention.

Using the Marketing Assets Provided: As an affiliate, we make it easy to share expat tax information in an eye catching way by providing you with our top marketing assets. Use our specific infographics, guides, and videos on your platform!

Following the MyExpatTaxes Branded Guidelines: In this guide we provide you with the correct brand colors, fonts, and logos. It is required that you try to use these when making your own assets and promoting MyExpatTaxes.

Inviting our Team to Tag Along: At MyExpatTaxes, we love our community! If you have an idea to have a chat with our tax team or our CEO about related topics, send us an email at and let’s set something up! In the past, we have done Instagram lives, webinars, and podcasts.

How Can I Not Promote?

Paid Advertising: Affiliates are not allowed to bid on any keywords including any variations, misspellings or in sequence with any other keywords related to “MyExpatTaxes.” You may not use the brand name in an ad title, ad copy, display name or as the display URL. In addition, you may not redirect users from an ad to This applies for Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook or any other network which offers paid advertising. This means, we strongly encourage that “MyExpatTaxes” and similar keywords be added to the negative keywords, as not meeting these terms will lead to program removal.

Misinform Users: When promoting MyExpatTaxes, always ensure that the information you share is accurate by using the provided marketing assets.

Domain Names: Affiliates are not allowed to purchase any domain with the name MyExpatTaxes or MyExpat.


Any questions that you have about the affiliate program or organizing a marketing activity, please contact