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Prices Theirs
at 149€
at $119 - $199
at $350
at $485
Service Type Theirs
DIY Tax Software for US Expats - - -
US Expat Tax Accounting Service -
Important Tax Forms for Expats
Included in the Standard package
FBAR - For an additional $75 Starting at an additional $100
FATCA - For an additional $100 Starting at an additional $100
Schedule 1-3
Schedule A
Schedule B
Schedule C
Schedule D
Schedule E
Schedule 8812 (Additional child tax credit) Not Optimized for Expats
Schedule SE
Form 1040
2555 Foreign Earned Income Exclusion (FEIE) Not Optimized for Expats
1116 Foreign tax credit Not Optimized for Expats
1116 General, Passive, Resourced and Foreign Branch Categories -
Streamline Procedure For
- For
State Filing (Potentially needed for those from California, New Mexico, South Carolina, Virginia, New York, Tennessee, New Hampshire) Additional
49€ - 119€
Features Theirs
Traditional and IRA Contribution Checks -
File for an Extension
Referral Program - -
Discount to Returning Users - - -
Expert Expat Tax Help Center with Videos from IRS Enrolled Agents - - -
Specializes in Expats -
Free Live Tax Webinars - -
Support Theirs
Enrolled IRS Agent or CPA Support
with Premium Package

with Premium Package

with Premium Package

with Premium Package
Live Customer Suport Chat -
Live Call an Accountant
with Premium Package

with Premium Package

with Premium Package

with Premium Package

This comparison table is provided for informational purposes only. The pricing and features listed were obtained directly from the Greenback Tax Services®, TurboTax®, and Taxes for Expats® websites as of 2022, January 25th. We do our best to review and update these offerings from time to time, but do not guarantee that the prices will be fully up to date as of today's date.

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