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These US Americans abroad already successfully filed their US expat taxes online with MyExpatTaxes

(Hachimantai, Iwate, Japan)

I was looking for a new tax preparer and was directed to MyExpatTaxes by an online review of tax services and software for Americans abroad. The interface was easy to use and the experience was quick and painless. I discovered after paying that I had made a few mistakes and had some questions about the draft they prepared. They got back to me and made sure my questions were answered and that I could fix my mistakes before anything proceeded. At no point in the process was I shut out of being able to change some of my answers if I discovered a mistake. This was really important to me. What really impressed me was the way the staff answered my questions and put me at ease. No tax preparer has EVER done that for me before. For that I plan on using MyExpatTaxes next year as well, and recommending them to my friends. Thank you!

(Münster, Germany)

Wow. I’ve looked for a service like this for years! All the “big” brands are ridiculously expensive, especially if – like me – you only have a 1040EZ to file. But it’s still a lot of hassle from outside the US because there’s no efile option. ‘My Expat Taxes’ is less expensive and much faster than any other service I’ve used in the past. I highly recommend them! Clear communication and wicked fast turnaround. Let me put it this way – my taxes are filed and confirmed with this service before the H&R guy acknowledged my request to file.

(Vienna, Austria)

MyExpatTaxes is extremely helpful and I would recommend them to anyone who wants to catch up with their back taxes.

They were fast and professional. I will definitely use them again next year.

(Hamburg, Germany)

I am terrible with taxes. Never understood them and probably never will. As such, I have a habit of avoiding filing. This year I found myself utterly stressing out about this very avoidance after realizing I had not yet filed the two previous years.

Lost and frustrated at the exhuberent prices of other services, I felt I would never get them done. Ended up coming across MyExpatTaxes and after seeing the extremely reasonable price I took the dive.

Could not have made a better choice. Filing was almost immediate (seriously, they prepared the filing of my taxes before my first support ticket could even be processed 🙂 ) and answers to my (very many) questions were quick and always extremely friendly, even when I felt like I was bothering.

Special shout out to Nathalie for her amazing patience and kindness. I really hope you know how much stress you took off my shoulders and how much I appreciate your help. You do a great service for American expats and I can not express my gratitude enough!

(Göttingen, Germany)

I can’t recommend MyExpatTaxes enough. They were fast, responsive, personable and professional. Their pricing is also fantastic.

Taxes are all caught up which is a large relief. Thanks Nathalie and Markus!

(The Hague, Netherlands)

Extremely impressed with the level of service provided by Markus (specifically) even before starting the filing process!

You’re a 🌟!! Many thanks again!

MyExpatTaxes user

Monica & Dominic

After years of fighting with unsatisfying and expensive tax return providers I am very happy to have found MyExpatTaxes.

Quick and friendly replies to all my questions, fast service even if the deadline was near while there probably was a lot of other work for Nathalie as well – and all that at an affordable price.

I can highly recommend their service and will definitely continue to work with them.


FINALLY an easy and quick way to file US taxes from abroad!

My old accountant who I’d been using Stateside retired last year, so I’d been putting it off since I filed for an extension last April, but the time to file suddenly crept up on me. In a slight panic, I did some searching online.

After filling in an introductory questionnaire, followed by making a reasonable payment and then finally answering a short series of questions, MyExpatTaxes gave me an almost immediate initial response, and now, a mere 24 hours later, my worries are over. And to underscore my enthusiasm, I’ll just add that after I signed and sent them my final approval of the documents, I received a very kind and cordial reply… From a REAL person!

So yeah, I HIGHLY recommend these cats for any ex-pats across the “big pond!”

MyExpatTaxes user


Prior to finding MyExpatTaxes, I had researched a lot about finding someone familiar with both US and Spanish tax laws. I truly wish I had found MyExpatTaxes earlier, as I wasted so much time and energy with other options.

I am very happy with customer service, care, and professionalism of this company, and thank God, finally, someone decided to help expats with their taxes without ripping them off!

I will not hesitate to refer my other expat friends as well.

(Vienna, Austria)

To say that I’m SUPER GRATEFUL to MyExpatTaxes would be an understatement. Apart from the very user friendly software and remarkable price what really stood out for me was the astonishingly high quality customer service. They were truly kind, patient, quick to respond to my many questions and dedicated to helping me and when you’re dealing with the stresses of taxes, those qualities are worth GOLD. ✨🥇✨

They prepared the full package of the Streamlined Procedure (meaning past 3 years tax returns and 6 years of FBARs, plus the current year tax return and FBAR). I had the unpleasant surprise of finding out I have to also file Form 8621 due to shares I have in a PFIC. MyExpatTaxes referred me to a company they collaborate with that specializes in this complicated form, which was also much appreciated!

I want to thank especially Markus and Natalie. 💐 You guys are the best 🙂

MyExpatTaxes user


I found your service professional and timely. You will surely see me back next year.

(Madrid, Spain)

MyExpatTaxes made my life as a US citizen living abroad so much simpler. It only took me about 15 minutes to fill out the easy-to-understand online questionnaire, and I received my completed tax forms to review the next day.

The friendly staff also replied promptly to all the questions I had along the way. And the price is more than reasonable!

I strongly recommend this service to any US expats looking to save themselves plenty of time and hassle.

(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

I’d happily recommend MyExpatTaxes!

They made filing my US taxes for 2018 very painless and also prepared my FBARs. I contacted them with only a few days left to file my US returns, and they managed to get everything filed within the deadline. They have been very responsive throughout the process.

I’ll be using their service again next year!

(Vienna, Austria)

I totally recommend MyexpatTaxes!

Their excellent service, very fast and professional feedback helped me catching up with my taxes. I thought my case was very complex and that it would cost me a lot of money to solve this situation. However, their guidance process was excellent and extremely efficient.

Few emails, no hustle, no hidden fees. I will definitely use this service next year!

MyExpatTaxes user

(Toronto, Canada)

This was my first time having to file as a US expat, and I attempted to sift through all the information and requirements myself. Not a great idea, so I explored various options, including online programs and personal accountants. All of the options were exorbitantly and ridiculously expensive.

I very luckily found MyExpatTaxes online, and I could not be more pleased with the service they provided me. They were quick, patient, and professional. All of this for a very reasonable price.

I will certainly be using their services again.

MyExpatTaxes user

(Tullinge, Sweden)

Thanks for your help with this, you have a fantastic service.

MyExpatTaxes user

(Langenargen, Germany)

I have been an expat for the last 9 years and doing my tax returns has never been easier. MyExpatTaxes was fast, easy and painless. Thank you for the great work especially Mr. Markus Finster who got back to me with my questions so quickly. I would also like to add that I was one of those terrible procrastinators that decided to file my taxes last minute and the MyExpatTaxes team still got back to me quickly!

I highly recommend this service and would be happy to have them do my taxes next year.

Thanks MyExpatTaxes!

MyExpatTaxes user

(Frankfurt/Main, Germany)

Your software and services are a perfect example of more than successful digitization! In this way the world of taxes – or rather the tax jungle – becomes clearer and loses considerable amount of fright ;-)!

Simple, fast, competent and affordable. It is also reassuring and great being able to turn to real people if you have any questions. I will definitely recommend (and already have done so) your software and services.

(London, UK)

I can’t recommend Nathalie and her team at MyExpatTaxes enough! They answered all of my questions so promptly (and kindly!), that the process couldn’t be easier.

Such a user-friendly platform backed up with friendly and knowledgeable people, I’m telling all my expat friends and I’ll definitely be back next year!

MyExpatTaxes user

(Trondheim, Norway)

Easy to use platform and great service.

After years of fighting to get through tax returns on my own it‘s great to finally have a resource at a price I can live with.

Great job Nathalie and team!

MyExpatTaxes user

(Maastricht, Netherlands)

I just got my return from Nathalie and everything looks good.

I’m very happy to hear about the extension to June 15 – I was not aware of that, and I spent a long time looking into this. Also happy to hear that you can e-file on my behalf.

I really appreciate the level of service I have received from you. This is by far the best experience I have had doing my U.S. taxes from a foreign country. You will have my yearly business from now on.

Thanks again!



Getting our taxes done with My Expat Taxes has been a great discovery — with income from different countries, we really were not sure how to best approach our return. Nathalie and her peers have made the process totally painless. We are very happy with the results. Thank you, guys!

MyExpatTaxes user


MyExpatTaxes is a must for expats. Dealing with income taxes from abroad can be confusing and frustrating. Nathalie and her team make filing both taxes and FBARS fast and easy.

Their custom web-software is simple to navigate. Moreover Nathalie keeps a good eye on the process, picks up on chances and is very communicable.

I’ll be coming back next year!


(Vienna, Austria)

The team at MyExpatTaxes are helpful, knowledgeable and easy to work with. Tax preparation and filing is no fun, but MyExpatTaxes makes it super simple, fast, and as fun as taxes can be.

I can highly recommend working with Nathalie and her team if you need help with tax preparation.

Thank you MyExpatTaxes!


(Epfach, Germany)

I was shocked to find out I must file taxes in USA after living in Germany since 2012, I searched for a company to help me resolved this problem. Luckily I found MyExpatTaxes, what a wonderful group of people to work with!

Nathalie was a Godsend! She answered all my questions and helped me through every step. She was always quick to respond to my emails and is such a compassionate person! Thanks also to Markus for getting me back on track with my emails.

What do I recommend about MyExpatTaxes? EVERYTHING!

I am looking forward to working with you in the future.

Heartfelt Thanks!

Jennifer US expat

(Wedemark, Germany)

I was very lucky that I was able to find this expat tax group on Facebook last year. They gave me all the information I needed to know and I felt very prepared going into the 2018 tax season. Their system is very easy to use and they respond very quickly to questions.

They definitely are a ray of sunshine during the dreariness of tax time! I highly recommend them!


(Paris, France)

After some extensive research I decided to go with the services of My Expat Taxes and I am so glad I did!!!
Nathalie Goldstein, Managing Director and CEO, is very professional, very personable and the services are affordable making for a great combination. I felt secure and reassured that all would go well in her hands. We had to plow through a lot to get my back taxes done. Nathalie was very patient, comforting and reassuring during the entire process. She did all she could to ensure the best results. I am sooo glad I collaborated with her on what was a feat and I look forward to continuing to work with her in the future.
I recommend to anyone, especially us the freelance artist with a diverse range of variables, go with My Expat Taxes. Trustworthy, worry and hassle free it will be. You will not regret it!!!

Kristina US expat

(Vienna, Austria)

I decided to reach out to my Expat Taxes this year. I wanted to have someone local who is knowledgeable about expat law do my taxes, figure out the best options for me, be affordable and trustworthy. Nathalie and My Expat Taxes was able to complete my return and optimize it to the best possible scenario since she has first hand knowledge of the expat tax landscape. She answered my questions on a timely manner, was very professional and knowledgeable, navigating through the different options. Nathalie, you’ve made a very stressful scenario simple and easy, saving me money and precious time. I highly recommend My Expat Taxes and will definitely use them next year. Thank you.

Tiffany US expat

(Vienna, Austria)

Using My Expat Taxes was so fast and simple! Nathalie was so nice and helpful and clear about what I needed for my specific situation. I am honestly so relieved and I will definitely use this service in the future!



Very thorough and helpful. I thought I was pretty well informed, but there were extra documents and forms I had no idea I’d need to submit. Real game-changer.

Catherine US expat

(Salzburg, Austria)

I never thought I would be able to cross „TAXES“ off my never ending to do list. Working with My Expat Taxes was excellent. Nathalie was so helpful and responsive, even with my complex situation. I couldn’t be happier with My Expat Taxes and would definitely recommend it to any expat who needs help with this!
Matt US expat


MyExpatTaxes did a fantastic job on my return, and I was equally impressed by their professionalism and responsiveness. As an expat working in Canada, it seems like preparing my US tax return should be simple, but I’ve often struggled to fit my situation into the awkward questionnaires from the Big Tax Software firms: how to handle investment income, self-employment income, my non-US spouse, or the ever-vexing residence requirements?

MyExpatTaxes’s questionnaire was easy to understand, a breeze to answer, and the customized service and follow-up was outstanding. With TurboTax, I showed a balance owing several times as big as MyExpatTaxes’ flat fee; the same return prepared with MyExpatTaxes showed a small refund.

Best of all, they allowed me to file with confidence. I’d recommend MyExpatTaxes to anyone wanting to save time, worry, and frustration.

Amber (Expat in Vienna, Austria)

(Vienna, Austria)

I never thought filing taxes could be this simple! I was so stressed out trying to figure out everything on my own for the first time, but with myExpatTaxes, I didn’t have to worry at all.

Sharon (Expat in Vienna, Austria)

(Vienna, Austria)

The easiest and most economical solution for tax preparation. Extremely competent and friendly service. I will definitely return to have my 2018 taxes prepared. Highly recommended!

Alice (Expat in Vienna, Austria)

(Vienna, Austria)

I can enthusiastically recommend MyExpatTaxes! The staff were very patient and encouraging. They really understand how stressful taxes can be, and helped me get past my procrastination as well! Really transparent website that coaches you through every step, and they are very quick and responsive to questions. I will use again!