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April 12, 2021 | | 3 minute read
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US expat state filing extensions are possible to use when living abroad. It all depends on whether the state you are liable for has an extension available. Not all countries in the United States offer an extended period of time for owed taxes, which is why it’s essential to check if an extension is even possible.

First, let’s dive into what state taxes are all about for US citizens abroad.

Filing State Tax Returns from Abroad

As an American abroad, you may not think about filing State tax returns. Yet, the need to file a state tax return comes down to three factors:

  • Having or maintaining an abode (permanent residence) in your former US state
  • Having a legit and believable domicile (legal residence) abroad for the IRS
  • You are still making income in your US State and therefore need to pay state taxes as a US citizen abroad

Sourcing State Income

Another important point to determine whether you need to file state taxes as an American abroad is understanding where your income is sourced. And if this income is sourced from the US, does this mean you must pay state taxes?

The source of your earned income will be the place where you performed services for which you received the income. It depends on your unique situation. You could be living and working in Dubai but renting out your apartment in Manhatten.

If this were the case, you would need to pay New York state taxes because of your apartment in New York property. All income produced from that property in New York is New York sourced income.

States that Require State Tax Return

Here is a list of states that require a State Tax Return to be filed if American expats meet their filing requirements:

Alabama American Samoa Arizona
Arkansas California Colorado
Commonweal North Mariana Islands Connecticut Delaware
District of Columbia Federated States of Micronesia Georgia
Guam Hawaii Idaho
Illinois Indiana Iowa
Kansas Kentucky Louisiana
Maine Marshall Islands Maryland
Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota
Mississippi Missouri Montana
Nebraska New Hampshire New Jersey
New Mexico New York North Carolina
North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma
Oregon Palau Pennsylvania
Puerto Rico Rhode Island South Carolina
Tennessee US Virgin Islands Utah
Vermont Virginia West Virginia

Filing State Extensions 101

What is a filing extension for Americans abroad? It’s a formal request you place to the tax authority, asking for additional time on a tax return. Typically, an extension allows a taxpayer six additional months to file their income tax return.

However, a state tax extension does not extend the owed taxes you must pay, which are due on your return. Therefore, we suggest you send your expected payment at the time you will file an extension.

In the many US States, individual taxpayers use the extension form as a type of voucher to pay the taxes owed to the state by the tax filing deadline.

States That Offer Filing Extensions

In regards to filing extensions, states like to be unique and different! Some states:

  • Automatically provide an extension until October 15
  • Accept the Federal Extension to October 15, if you file one
  • Require you to File a State Specific Extension Form

However, all states will require you as American expat to PAY 90% – 100% of all tax liabilities by the original state deadline.

Here is a table of the lists of what each state accepts for extension requirements, deadlines and links:

State: Extension Requirement: Extended Deadline: Extension Link:
Alabama Automatic October 15
Arizona Federal October 15
Arkansas Federal October 15
California Automatic October 15
Colorado Automatic October 15
Connecticut Federal October 15
Delaware Filing Required October 15
District of Columbia Filing Required October 15
Georgia Federal October 15
Hawaii Filing Required October 20
Idaho Filing Required October 15
Illinois Federal October 15
Indiana Federal October 15
Iowa Filing Required January 31
Kansas Federal October 15
Kentucky Federal October 15
Louisiana Filing Required November 15
Maine Filing Required November 15
Maryland Federal October 15
Massachusetts Filing Required October 15
Michigan Federal October 15
Minnesota Automatic October 15
Mississippi Federal October 15
Montana Automatic October 15
Nebraska Federal October 15
New Hampshire Automatic October 15
New Jersey Federal October 15
New Mexico Federal October 15
New York Filing Required October 15
North Carolina Federal October 15
North Dakota Federal October 15
Ohio Federal October 15
Oklahoma Federal October 15
Oregon Federal October 15
Pennsylvania Federal October 15
Rhode Island Federal October 15
South Carolina Federal October 15
Tennessee Federal October 15
Utah Filing required October 15
Vermont Federal October 15
Virginia Automatic October 15
West Virginia Federal October 15
Wisconsin Federal October 15

We’re Here to Help with Extension Filing

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Written by Michelle H.

April 12, 2021 | | 3 minute read

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