The Streamlined Procedure for U.S. Expats

August 1, 2018

What is the Streamlined Procedure In layman’s terms, if you are a U.S. expat and meet the requirements of filing/paying U.S. taxes, BUT forgot or didn’t know you have to file your U.S. tax returns and FBAR annually, you can use the Streamlined Procedure. Keep in mind though, your actions must be innocent. The IRS emphasizes that…

Tax deadline for expats – is it April 15th?

April 13, 2018
Tax deadline for expats

Life as an American abroad is exciting, challenging, and generally busy. However, the seemingly small but important things (like remembering the tax deadline) tend to go over our heads. No worries though, we’re here to give you some straight answers and hopefully peace of mind!

Expat Filing Requirements

February 16, 2018
tax filing requirements

The phrase “tax season” generally triggers some amount of stress which may or may not be accompanied with eye twitching. This tends to compounded even more when you are filing as an expat. However, fear not, below is our handy list of must-know filing requirements for our fellow American expatriates. This will hopefully ease some…

What Forms Does an Expat Really Need?

February 16, 2018
What Forms Does an Expat Really Need?

With a million IRS forms to shift through every year (we might be exaggerating, but it does feel like it sometimes!), we decided that it was our sole responsibility to make filing (and the entire experience) as easy as possible for our fellow American expats. Here is our list of IRS tax forms and schedules…

The Differences Between Form 2555 and Form 2555-EZ

February 16, 2018

With so many available forms on the IRS’ website it can be confusing to find out the right one to use and what the differences between some forms even are. Two forms that many expats use when filing are Form 2555 and Form 2555-EZ. But why would an expat want to use one of these…

U.S. Source Income vs. Foreign Income

February 16, 2018
5 euro

A lot is said about the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion (FEIE) and the Foreign Tax Credit (FTC) in the U.S. expat community, but little is said about how income is classified. The IRS tax rules state that for both the FEIE and the FTC stipulate that the income being excluded or used for credit must…

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