Tax Tips for U.S. Americans Abroad

We scour and examine the complexities of IRS and state tax laws to make filing taxes as a U.S. expat easy. Read our blog for useful expat tax tips and advice.

Married Filing Jointly or Separately as an American Abroad?

November 28, 2018
Married Filing Jointly American Abroad

A popular reason why U.S. citizens are living abroad is ‘’because of love.” An example can be meeting someone from another corner in the U.S., then deciding to move and live with them in their home country. Other times it’s meeting someone online, visiting them abroad and eventually marrying them. While falling in love may happen by chance, staying in love and living together is a fruitful choice. But when tax season hits, and you’re a U.S. expat married to a Non-U.S. Citizen Spouse – what do you need to do?

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What U.S. Taxes Apply to People Who Have Left the U.S.?

November 13, 2018
U.S. taxes for U.S. expats abroad

As a U.S. expat (assuming you are a citizen/green card holder), you are required to file an annual tax return to the IRS – reporting worldwide income. Don’t believe us? Look at the U.S. passport, Page 52, Section D. You might even be liable for filing the FBAR to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network.

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Getting a Social Security Number to File Taxes as a U.S. Expat

November 2, 2018
Filing Taxes with SSN as U.S. expat

Getting tax compliant as a US expat is super important, but what happens if you don’t have a U.S. Social Security Number (SSN)? It can really be a chicken and egg scenario because you need to get tax compliant as a U.S. expat but you can’t file taxes without a proper SSN. So folks, just remember – it is an absolute necessity to get an SSN to file your taxes as a U.S. expat. If you don’t have a SSN as a U.S. expat, no worries – we outlined the whole process here in some easy steps. If you follow the steps correctly, it should be a rather smooth process!

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What Specific Taxes Does a U.S. Digital Nomad Have To Pay?

October 25, 2018
Tax Tips for Freelancing U.S. Digital Nomads

We met an individual recently who wanted to know what specific taxes a US digital nomad needs to pay while living abroad. Digital nomads are individuals who typically fund their travels and livelihood through the help of a laptop and wifi (ie: Freelancing, YouTuber, Blogger, Online Shop Owner). Digital nomads live abroad, and if you ’re a U.S. digital nomad, you’re still tied to tax filing obligations for the IRS.

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Do I need to file an FBAR?

October 11, 2018
U.S. expat file FBAR

“Do I need to file an FBAR?” you Googled. We say – well, let’s see what the IRS says!

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Accidental Americans – Do you Need to Get Tax Compliant?

September 30, 2018

Did your bank mail you a letter enforcing FATCA? Did the embassy inform you of your tax obligations? Did you just hear at the last dinner party about how a U.S Citizenship automatically triggers tax filing requirements?  If you happened to stumble across to our page from any of those points, you might be panicking. We are here to say BREATHE – don’t stress. You are not alone and there is a rather straightforward process to get you back on the tax compliant track with the IRS… Read on as we’ve compiled all the relevant information you’ll need in this one handy guide!

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What are Expat Taxes for US Citizens Living Abroad?

September 24, 2018
Expat Taxes for US Citizens Living Abroad

The Topic of the Expat Taxes… Have you ever wondered what is the difference between US expats abroad and US citizens in the States when it comes to filing their US tax returns? The answer: Mostly everything. US citizens living in the states are generally looking to optimize their tax return (i.e. pay less US taxes). US Expats, on the other hand, are looking to complete their filing obligation and make sure they are not double taxed since they’re already paying taxes to their current host country.

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Your Passport Being Denied as a US Expat is Possible if You Don’t Pay your Taxes

September 5, 2018
Passport Denied US Expat

Storytime : James is a US expat living in Singapore who plans to see his family in the states. Since his passport is expiring he has to renew it before traveling. So upon giving his application at the US Consular in Singapore, James got troubling news: they have to hold his application for 90 days because he needs to sort out some serious tax debt – thus on the way of his passport being denied as a US expat. Sounds pretty daunting for James right? This can be a worst-case scenario for US expats who have a high outstanding tax debt (including interest and penalties).

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Missed Tax Deadlines as an Expat? Get the Help You Need!

August 20, 2018
us expat tax deadlines

You’re from the U.S. and living abroad, but missed filing your taxes before the deadlines as an expat…

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