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Expat Tax Blog | Tax Tips for US Americans Abroad


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Filing US Taxes Abroad in 2022

Happy 2022 Expats! It's a new year, and we here at MyExpatTaxes are delighted to be the best source of tax information ...

Filing US Expat Taxes from the Netherlands

As a US citizen or Green Card Holder, filing US expat taxes from the Netherlands is only required if you meet the ...

How to File US Taxes in Canada as an Expat

It’s a fact that US citizens and Green Card Holders living abroad are obligated to report their worldwide income and file US ...

Buying Property Abroad as an Expat?
8 Things to Consider

Are you in the process of buying property abroad as an expat? It can be a stressful situation to walk through, especially ...
expat taxes for americans in australia

Expat Taxes for Americans in Australia

Expat taxes for Americans in Australia is not too complicated. Recently, we’ve held a webinar for Americans living Down Under, showcasing the ...

How to File US Taxes While Living Abroad

How in the world do you file taxes while living abroad as an American expat? Or why does filing US taxes while ...

US Residency and Taxes: All You Need to Know

What does residency mean to the IRS? Generally speaking, all US citizens and residents are treated under tax law set by the ...

Self-Employment Taxes for Americans Abroad

Setting your own work hours and creating the business of your dreams is what many self-employed individuals aspire to do. However, when ...

Stimulus Payments for US Expats: All The Details

The first US stimulus payments for US expats have been sent out in March 2020 coming from a $2 trillion stimulus bill ...
Best US Expats Tax Software for Expats

The Best US Tax Software for Expats

If you're a US American abroad, then you probably know of the little known fact that you have to file and/or pay ...

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