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Expat Tax Blog | Tax Tips for US Americans Abroad


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Filing Late FBARS as an American Abroad

Are you in the process of filing lates FBARs as an American abroad? The FBAR is the Foreign Bank Account Report by ...

How to File for the December 15 US Tax Extension in 2021

If you are an American living abroad and the thought of filing your US tax return for the October 15 deadline concerns ...
U.S. Expats and Double-Taxation

US Expat Double Taxation and US Policy

Did you know that US expat double taxation for Americans abroad is when you have to pay taxes twice on the same ...

Confused about your MyExpatTaxes Tax Package? Here’s How to Read it

Congrats on taking the step to become tax compliant! While living abroad as an expat is exciting, the duty to file (and ...

Tax Refund Delays for US Citizens Abroad

Our team has been getting a lot of questions regarding tax refund delays for US citizens abroad. Your issues of long waiting ...

3 Things to Know About US Expat Taxes for an American Family

Living abroad with your family can be an exciting adventure, but not one that comes without its worries. Especially when it comes ...

Paying Late US Expat Taxes as an American Abroad

It’s no question that dealing with taxes can be a headache, and the situation of paying late US expat taxes as an ...

How to Choose the Best US Tax Software for Expats

How do you choose the best US tax software for expats? As an American taxpayer and filer living abroad, much needs to ...

How to File a US Tax Extension Abroad for Free in 2021

Would you like to learn how to file a US tax extension for free in 2021 as an American abroad? You've come ...
june 15 us expat tax deadline

June 15 US Tax Filing Deadline for Expats

For 2021, the US tax filing deadline for expats to file is June 15. This deadline is a result of an automatic ...

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